Sem Break Bloglist by Farhanah Afiqah

By Farhanah Afiqah - June 17, 2017

I still have a few months left before the new semester (as a degree student) starts. So to keep my life busy, I need to have something good to read.

Since most of my good novels are at my aunt's house in Kedah, I'm really bored staying at home right now. I end up sitting in front of this laptop almost everyday, watching Detective Conan (and other movies too) and reading people's blogs. So that's why I think I should come up with this segment, to have more blog to read.

So, what are you waiting for? Join this segment now so that I can have more blogs to read (because I myself is too lazy to write new entries haha)!

🍦 Steps

🍦 Follow blog frrnxh's.

🍦 Publish an entry entitled "Sem Break Bloglist by Farhanah Afiqah".

🍦 In the entry, write briefly about your blog. Imagine it is my first time visiting your blog 🙈. Nak tulis panjang-panjang pun no hal lah!

🍦 Also, put the banner in your entry and backlink to this blog.

🍦 Don't forget to comment your entry url at the comment box.

p/s: I'm a Malaysian. Nak tulis dalam bahasa Melayu tulis je la. Aku faham je hahah.

🍦 Winner

Kalau penyertaan tak banyak sangat, all participants will be put in my bloglist until ikut lah kat akulah sampai bila haha. I'll always visit your blog (alang-alang tengah cuti panjang ni kan). But sometimes I'm shy to leave comments hehe.

Kalau ramai sangat, pandai-pandai la aku pilih nanti ye.

Also, do follow other participants' blogs too! Taknak follow sudah haha. Boleh la tambah kenalan baru kan?

This segment will take place from 17 June 2017 until 30 June 2017.

🍦 List of participants




Happy blogging!

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16 thoughts


    aunieyy join!

  2. I want to join so much. I hope I don't just forgets it like I always do LOL

    // afifahaddnan

    1. Do bookmark this post! I'll be waiting for you ~~

  3. Dah join this segmen!

  4. join :)

  5. joinnn

  6. join..

  7. Assalamualaikum, saya join

  8. saya join eh



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