Raya Is A Few Days Away!


"Marhaban Ya Ramadhan" almost comes to its end, which means Hari Raya Aidilfitri is just a few days away. Wearing same colour outfit on the first day of Hari Raya has been our family tradition. My mum always buy the cloth enough for me, my sister and herself before Ramadan even started. Meanwhile, my dad and my brother will buy matching baju melayu during the fasting month, when Raya sales can be find everywhere. We have different colour theme for every year.

As for this year's Raya, our theme is blue. But wait! That theme is only for the first Raya. So, how about for the next days? Haha actually we already went to Kuala Lumpur for Raya shopping before puasa! My mum was,

Jom pergi KL beli baju raya ^^. Nanti puasa tak larat nak jalan pulak.

Alhamdulillah I got myself some new outfits. But the most important thing is, baju kami tiga beranak kena sedondon!

Grey baju kurung with purple lace

My mum already bought herself a pair of grey baju kurung. Senyap-senyap je dia beli haha,

Mama dah beli baju warna kelabu. Pergi la cari baju kelabu jugak ^^

Hah yelah. So this is what I get for myself.
The first pair close-up
Bought this at First Lady. This one is size M. The smallest size was already out of stock, and this was the smallest they have at the moment. No, I need a small size not because I am slim or what. I need a small size that fits my height perfectly.

This M sized baju kurung's arm and kain are long, so I should alter them later on.

Yeah, I took this one despite of its size. I don't want to walk around any other stores more.

My sister also buys the same baju kurung.

Green jubah

Yay a jubah! I never wear a jubah during Hari Raya, so this is my first Raya jubah.
The second one close-up
This one is rather a simpler design. Only some black flower patterns there. Finally I found the perfect size for me.

However, this jubah is still longer than my height and me is so sad. This one is XS you know, but still too long for me. The end of the jubah need to be cut a bit.

We had been searching for this green jubah to match with my sister's. Yeah, everyone got their outfits before me.

And, that's all I bought in KL. But, Lazada's Riang Raya promotion really caught my eyes hahah! The sale that takes place from May 19 offers you discounts on their items up to 90%!

💥Click to view Lazada's Riang Ria Raya sale now!💥

Well, if you ask me, there is a bunch of outfits that catch my eyes at Lazada! If and only if I have more money, I would buy:
pendant charm bracelet

Yahh this one!

I need some *bling-bling* to wear for Hari Raya. And a bracelet is the best choice, since I don't like wearing a necklace. I don't like something to wrap around my neck.

Look at its colour! Isn't it brilliant? I love purple (and maroon and brown too haha). Definitely suits that grey baju kurung I mentioned earlier.

Okay, the next one:
Delina jubah
I want that jubah, but the black one. I can mix and match the black jubah with any tudung I have, so I can wear it with any tudung to class. No need to worry about which tudung will go with this outfit!

Plus, the jubah is ironless- perfect for a student like me! Just put on this jubah and I'm ready to go to class! Being a wudhu friendly outfit is a bonus so I can have wudhu without worries!

Yeah. If and only if I have more money haha. So tell me, does money brings you happiness? For me, it surely does 😂!

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  1. I also prefer Jubah for Hari Raya outfit..
    It's easy to mix and match kan dear..
    I agree with you.. 💕

  2. Whenever I've got a jubah. yes I need to cut it bc it just way too longer for me. haha. lol.

  3. I've bought jubah for my Raya this year ehehehe~! And paling suka sekali jubah tu sesuai pakai dengan sneakers or even sandals..lepas raya pun still boleh pakai lagi pergi mana-mana memang tak membazir lah huhu ! xD

  4. Kalau malas nak iron, Siqah pun akan pilih jubah. Hihi. Pakaian yang mesti ada dalam wardrobe. hii.

  5. BV pun baru first time guna jubah untuk raya, tapi raya kedua. raya pertama baju kurung jugak :D

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