Ramadan Little Moments in School

By Farhanah Afiqah - June 03, 2017


Ramadan, or also widely known as the fasting month (I use the term "bulan puasa" more frequent than "bulan Ramadan") is the most awaited month by the muslims. Celebrating Ramadan with family and relatives by having sahur and iftar together is surely a sweet moment for each of us.

However, studying in a boarding school prevented me from those things. But still, I enjoyed fasting at school with my friends so much!

Tarawih in school is special. We pray at the dataran on long praying mats are arranged in rows under the clear night sky.

I love praying at the dataran because it is cool even without having any fans. The breeze let us pray at ease. Stargazing after each two rakaats of tarawih is fun too! However, this only applies when the weather is okay. We pray at our respective musolla when it rains.

However for some reasons, we started to pray in the school hall (Dewan Sri Bestari) later on. Tarawih in DSB is not so comfortable. Fans are at the side of the hall and the hall is packed with humans.
Image may contain: indoor
This is not tarawih. Just want to show the dewan haha. Kalau tarawih memang padat sampai ke atas pentas.
Plus, it is quite embarrassing when there is no place to pray but the hall stage. Kiblat is the opposite to the stage, but still it's too appealing when only three rows of girls sit on the stage while everyone is on the floor.

But now, I don't think they still have their tarawih at the hall nor the dataran because our new surau is built. I never had the chance to step in that surau yet.

Oh! Not to forget, I miss Ustaz Farizan's qunut too. He speaks Arabic fluently that his prayers sound like as if he is praying with all his heart, and not just simply reciting a du'a.

🍦Teachers' kindness
Ramadan means Hari Raya Aidil Fitri is only one month away. And Hari Raya Aidil Fitri means duit raya!

Somtimes the teachers give duit raya for each of us. Of course we are so happy to receive the packet (even for the Form 5 and Form 6 students hahah)!

Oh, our school even have their own duit raya packet every year. Tak ingat mana aku simpan.

SBPs have their own menu schedule for every meal. But, Ramadan is the only month where the schedule is not applicable.

There are various scrumptious dishes waiting for us after our maghrib prayer like ikan keli sambal, kuih and much more! (obviously I like the ikan keli the most haha).
the Dining Hall
And also, our friends who lives nearby usually have their parents visiting them, so kalau murah rezeki, dapat la merasa makanan dari rumah sikit.

🍦Religious Programmes
Ramadan is the month where everyone do their best in increasing their ibadah. With that, various religious programmes are held.

For an instance, tadarus al-Quran is held after the Asar prayer, where we sit together in circles and read the respective juz one after another. Reciting al-Quran together is nice because it encourages me to read al-Quran. I mean, it's more fun and merrier when you do it with your friends rather than reciting it alone, where sometimes your tajweed might be wrong and there is no one who can guide you.

Ahh definitely missing these moments 💖. And how about you? Do you have any Ramadan memories?

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17 thoughts

  1. Masa sekolah dulu takdak kenangan sangat sebab sekolah harian hehe. Kalau ada pun tak ingat dah T.T

    1. Dapat berbuka dengan family time sekolah yang best tuu. Masuk u dah jauh dari family hehe

  2. wahhh sekolah kat mana? sebeb dm dia macam dm sbp. hehe btw mind to visit my blog? http://shahirahsarmy.blogspot.my/

  3. terus rindu sekolah.. haiyaa..


  4. Kite rindu berbuka dengan kawan-kawan masa diploma. Berbuka kat meja batu bawah blok. Dua orang cop meja, yang lain g bazar beli makanan. Pastu share makanan sesama. Ya Allah, sumpah rindu! 😢

    1. Part share makanan tu yang paling rinduu

  5. I havent had memories like this bcs I studied at singapore but I do have different kind of my old memories when my also a muslim do jemaah together . One thing that really makes me proud when non muslim watch us prayer (They look at us like they watched a movie ) some of them are new to this culture "they might think that (what in the world is going on in here)" . Of coure , they will asked you "WHY"/ Defintely give them some knowledge endorsement . Haha / There's a lot to tell for short everything is going fine . Btw nice post from ----- Syamsid Blog -----

    1. It must be fun having non muslim friends around! Thanks for coming, I'll visit your blog later :)

  6. Sedapnya ikan keli. I went to the normal public school so I didn't have the experience like you had but it was fun when our school held a buka puasa program. It was rare tho. more like only once

    1. definitely fun when having iftar with your beloved friends :)

  7. huhuhu akak x pernah dok asrama time sekolah dulu.. tak punye pengalaman camni.. hiks.

    1. Berbuka kat rumah pun best jugak sebab dapat berbuka dengan masakan mak 😋

  8. Rindu pula zaman berpuasa di asrama dulu...Sama rutin kita, tapi Mai bukan SBP, mai kat MRSM.

  9. Cerita yg buat saya teringat kawan2 sekolah.
    Terima kasih.

  10. Masa belajar dulu, selalu buka di surau. Best sebab ramai2 =)


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